Redemption for Heyward, Cardinals win 4-3 over the D-Backs.

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. St. Louis Cardinals - Photos - May 27, 2015 - ESPN

Jason Hewyard ties the game in the 9th inning, with a solo home run.

 It could not have gone any more wrong, for Jason Heyward through 8 innings. Hitting in the 8th spot in the lineup. Heyward looked like an 8th place hitter, in his first couple at bats. Then an error in the field, in the 6th inning gave the D-Backs the lead 3-2. And everyone watching the game is thinking, we gave up Shelby Miller for this?

It looked like that the D-Backs lead would hold going to the bottom of the 9th. The Cardinals would squander a game that they should have won. The Cards were 1-8 RISP and had 10 LOB for the game. Then Jason Heyward came back from the dead.

Heyward leading off the 9th. Chip Hale the D-Backs manager elected not to start the inning, with a left-handed pitcher. That was the key decision in the game. Heyward hit over the right field wall, tying the game at 3-3. Sweet Redemption. Who needs Miller, when we have Jason Heyward.

The Cardinals added the final run, by Peter Bourjos clipping the leg of the catcher, on a bases loaded double play ball, that caused a wild throw to first base. Enabling Matt Carpenter to score. The Cardinals for the season, had been 0-18, when trailing after 8 innings.

We got lucky. Completing the series sweep, against the D-Backs. That puts the Cardinals back at the season high mark of 15 games over .500. That they had reached on May 7th.

More importantly, it ends the grueling schedule of 36 games in 37 days, with the Cardinals going 23-13 during that period. A truly remarkable feat, considering all the injuries.

The bad news that came out yesterday, was that the Adams injury, is a 3-4 month recovery time. This probable means Matt is done for the season. Not good news. Mark Reynolds is just a fill in. Can the Cardinal go into the postseason with Reynolds playing first base? I doubt it.

Xavier Scruggs is hitting .210 something in AAA. No help there. Stephen Piscotty played 3rd base at Stanford. Should be able to handle first base duties. But, Piscotty is only hitting .235, so far this year. If the Cards start playing Piscotty, at first base in the minors, then that will be the long-term solution. If Piscotty can start to hit.

The other out of left-field solution, literally, would be to try Matt Holliday at first base. With Jon Jay coming back. That would ensure playing time for Bourjos and Grichuk. Stay tuned. Who knows how this will end up?

Day off today. Thank God.

Go Cards.


Cards win 6-4 over D-backs.

via Nearly a Year for Garcia – STL Baseball WeeklySTL Baseball Weekly.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at St. Louis Cardinals

Jaime goes 6 innings.

The best thing that Jaime Garcia did in his start was survive. Somehow after giving up, 4 runs in the first 3 innings, Jaime was able to make it through 6 innings. That was a big step, in Jaime’s comeback. Getting hit around a bit, but still gave the club a chance to win.

The Cards found themselves behind 2-0 before they got a chance to bat. But, they came roaring back and scored 4, to retake the lead. Grichuk then homered and single to drive in the final run to give the Cardinals the victory.

The interesting move in the game was Matheny using Matt Belisle to attempt the rare 3 inning save. It seems that with the bullpen still in flux, Matheny is employing go with that hot hand strategy and let them have additional innings. Rosenthal pitched 2 innings in last nights win. There is the theory, gaining some momentum, that you should not always limit the relievers to one inning.

Belisle did not quite make it and Seth Maness came in to get the final out. But, it worked the Cards came away the 6-4 win.

The victory, gives the Cards the series win. They go for the sweep today. That would be nice to make up for loosing series to Detroit and KC.

The Cards are the first NL team to get to 30 wins.

The bad news from the game is that it looks like Matt Adams has a quad strain and will head to the DL. It a shame. Because over the last 6 games Matt had making a little progress. However, Mark Reynolds has been better than I expected this year, should be OK.

Lance Lynn goes today, for the sweep. Lance is due for a good outing. He has been hit and miss in may.

Go Cards.


Peralta walks off in 10 innings. Cards over the D-Backs 3-2.

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Carlos Martinez had the slider working.  That’s always a good thing. CarMart went 7 innings, 5 Hits, 0 ER. Left the game with a 2-0 lead. Unfortunately, Kevin Siegrist gave it all back in the 8th. Enter, Trevor Rosenthal to pick up a 2 inning win. Thanks to Jhonny Peralta’s 1st walk off homer as a Cardinal in the 10th inning.

But, none of that is really important. What? The most important news from the game. Matt Adams bunted, against the shift, in the 4th inning, for a hit. Whaaaat. I can now die happy. Life is complete. There is nothing left to see in this world.

If Adams can continue to do that, like a few more 10 times, no more shift. No more shift and Matt will return as a force in the lineup. Matheny was correct in spring training when he stated that Adams needed to put down a few bunts. As a bonus, Matt came around and scored the Cardinals 2nd run. Good times.

The Cardinals did try to give this game away. How do you accumulate 14 hits in regulation and only have 2 runs? You could not do this on purpose, if you tried. It is still the lineup stupid.

The bad news is Kevin Siegrist yaked up the lead and Trevor had to go 2 innings. This means they won’t be available for today’s game. Everyone seems to be fixated on the Cards trading for a starter. I would rather see a reliever trade. Walden won’t be back until the All Star Game. This is a much bigger deal, in my opinion. Think Royals bullpen. That is what we need.

Jaime Garcia is starting today. If Jaime can continue to make progress and take Waino’s spot. You can pencil the Cards into the post season.

Go Cards.


Wacha being Wacha. Cards avoid the sweep. Defeat the Royals 6-1.

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When the media is doing an analysis of a pitcher, they often pontificate, about that player having #1 stuff. That he has top, of the rotation stuff. With all the good arms in the big leagues today, they talk about it often. The media have this all wrong.

A pitchers stuff qualifies them to be a #3 pitcher in the rotation. What he does with that stuff and when he does it, is what qualifies him as a #1 pitcher. Enter Michael Wacha.

Wacha kept the Cardinals from being swept by the Royals. Going 7 innings, 0 ER. Michael had a stress free outing. The Royals threaten briefly in the 6th, loading the bases with 2 outs. With the Cards leading 4-1. But, Wacha got Gordon to fly out. No worries.

That is what a # 1 pitcher does. He stops the slide. He hits the reset button. He re-establishes the order. He says no more of this. If the Cardinals, had lost this game. The media would have led with the Cardinals are failing, without Wainwright. The Cards would have dropped to 10 games over .500. It would have been 4 losses in a row.

Joe Strauss and Bernie Miklasz would have once again demanded that the Cardinals trade the farm, to bring in a veteran pitcher. Because, of course, a veteran will win every one of his starts. But, thanks to Michael, we don’t have to listen to all that nonsense.

The Cardinals have won all of Wacha’s starts this year. Wacha is now 7-0, with a 1.87 ERA, 1.04 WHIP. The Cards are heading home, after surviving a difficult stretch, going 7-9, over the last 16. No worries. The order has been restored. Thanks to our #1 pitcher, Michael Wacha.

Peralta, Adams and Carpenter added all the offense, the Cardinals would need. With Carpenter hitting his team leading 8th home run.

I found it interesting, that with Holliday, being a late scratch from the lineup, with a left forearm bruise. That Matheny did not move Carpenter down to hit in the 3rd spot. It was the natural move to make. Matheny did not. This is Matheny’s stubbornness, rearing up again.

This is just like in April, when he refused to hit Heyward, in any other spot than #2. No matter what the result. It was like Matheny, was not going to give any ammunition, to the critics. He did the same thing yesterday. With Heyward and Holliday out due to injuries. It was the perfect time to drop Marp to the 3rd spot. He did not.

Matheny needs to stop this. It just bad form. Matheny needs to be bigger than this. Carpenter is clearly the best hitter on this current group of Cardinals. Your best hitter should be the #3 hitter in the lineup. Think Pujols.

The D-Backs are up next. On the schedule, this looked liked an easy series. But, the D-Backs are on a roll. They have won 6 out of 7. After sweeping the Marlins and taking 2 out of 3, from the Cubs.

No rest for the weary.


Go Cards.

Rain shorten game, give the Royals a series victory.

via Rain Brings Early End – STL Baseball WeeklySTL Baseball Weekly.

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Kansas City Royals

Went to my first game this year and this is what I get. WTF.

When a game is called after 5 1/2 innings, due to rain. It comes down to which team, took advantage of early opportunities. The Cards had the bases loaded in the 2nd and 5th inning. Only came away with scoring 2 runs. The Royals ended up scoring 3. Thanks to a 2 run homer from Gordon.That was the ballgame.

The loss gives the Royals the series. It will be the third series loss for the Cards, this year. The game today is expected to be another rain out. The Cards will limp home and try to get their mojo back. The loss, also gives the Cards, its first 3 game losing streak, in the 2015 season. The Royals are now the only team left in the majors, who have not suffered this fate.

The spark to the offense that was provided, when Matheny moved, Matt Carpenter out of the leadoff spot and into the 2 spot, is fading into memory. Matheny is trying every combination of lineup changes, except moving Holliday. Holliday remains the only untouchable player in the lineup. I just don’t think this is a wise choice.

It’s not that Holliday should not be hitting in the 3rd spot. It is just that Matheny should apply the same standards to Holliday, that he is applying, to the rest of the team. Let matchups and trends determine where Holliday hits.

Holliday is having a great start to the season. Matt’s is hitting .314 for the season and has an incredible .434 OBP. Matt has been on base in 40 straight games. Impressive. However, his slugging is only .443. Take away the name on the back of the jersey. Where should a player hit who gets on base, with very little power? Not the 3 spot.

I’m not advocating Matt Holliday, should be the new leadoff hitter. I just saying that with the lack of power, Matt should not be an untouchable. Just show the same flexibility with lineup changes, with Holliday, as you’re doing with the rest of the team.

I would start in day games, where Holliday’s slugging percentage is a dismal .304. The offense needs to get, its mojo back. I think this might just provide another spark, that happened when Carpenter was taken out of the untouchable category and moved into the 2nd spot in the lineup.

Hoping for better days.


Go Cards.

Royals take the first game of the I-70 series over the Cards.

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The Cardinals are catching the Royals at the wrong time. The Royals, are on a roll right now. The Cardinals, are at the end of their marathon, 35 games in 36 days.

Lance Lynn had back spasms last night. Played the tough guy. Gutted it out. But, gave up 2 home runs to the Royal’s DH, Kendrys Morales. That was the ballgame.

Morales who used to be an All Star player, with the Angels. Famously, broke his ankle in a walk off celebration, 4 years ago and has done nothing since. The Royals gave him a 2 year deal in the off season (everybody agreed, a bad deal). What have the Royals got off this bad deal? Morales, now leads the league with 37 RBI. Go figure.

The question is. Should Lance, who said his back went into spasms during the warm-up, even started the game? In hindsight, probably not.

The best lineup, the Cardinals can put on the field. With Matt Holliday hitting in the DH spot. Could not solve the mystery of Chris Young, a $675,000 swing man, with no pitching pedigree. Young is now 4-0. With a .75 WHIP and .78 ERA. The Royals have now won 6-7 and have the best record in the American League. Go figure.

The Royals are hot, the Cardinals are not.

With the Royals, it is pretty simple, you have to score against their starters. Because, you’re not getting anything after the 5th inning, with the best bullpen in baseball.

It will be up to Lackey and Wacha to try and salvage the series.

Going to the game, in KC today.

Hopefully, it will be a winner.

Go Cards.


Garcia returns to the starting lineup. Cards lose 5-0 to the Mets.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at New York Mets

Garcia looked good in return to mound.

via Impressive Debut for Garcia – STL Baseball WeeklySTL Baseball Weekly.

Problem solving is what managers get paid to do. The most pressing Cardinals issue. Who replaces Adam Wainwright? Might just have gotten answered. Jaime Garcia came back and did better than anyone could have expected.

Jaime went 7 innings, 2 ER. Considering Garcia had not been on a mound for 11 months, the Cards have to be excited, about this result. What is more encouraging, was Garcia’s attitude. His remarks the day before his start, were just what the Cardinals needed to hear. Garcia was humble and grateful for the opportunity to get the start.

This may just be enough for the rift between Garcia and Mozeliak to be set aside. Last year, Mozeliak came out and publicly voice his displeasure, with Jaime’s decision to shut himself down. Mozeliak let it be known that Jaime was on his own program and needed to learn the difference between discomfort and injury.

I really thought Jaime would never pitch again for the Cards. However, maybe both sides are willing to give a little. Having a left-handed starter in the rotation will make everyone better. Matheny in a 3 game series, can now go righty-lefty-righty, this is what a club wants. It makes it much harder for the hitters to get into a rhythm.

Besides, Jacob deGrom was dealing. It would have been a miracle for the Cards to come away with a victory.

The Cards made room for Garcia on the roster by sending Sam Tuivailala back to AAA. I would have preferred to see Mitch Harris go back down. But, it is really a coin flip. No right answer. Both are iffy at this point in the season. Sam will get more opportunity to refine his new cutter in the minors.

Randy Choate, once again, failed to perform as the LOOGY and gave up a 3 run, home run to Lucas Duda. It’s simple. The club cannot have a specialist that only does his job at a 50% clip. I would rather see Tyler Lyons in this role. Tyler could not do any worse and will get better. Choate will not. Not this year.

Matheny gave Molina and Holliday the day off. Opting to go with the power lineup, with Reynolds in LF and Grichuk in CF. I would prefer to see the speed lineup, with Bourjos in CF and Grichuk in LF, against a good pitcher like deGrom. But it is a coin flip. No right answer. However, Citi field is not a hitters park. I think, trying to steal a run or two, is a more likely outcome, than trying to hit one out of the park.

The Cards split the series with the Mets. Losing to Harvey and deGrom. No shame in that.

The Cards head to KC for the weekend. Can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, of this ridiculous schedule of 35 games in 36 days. The Royals are playing very well right now. Will need some luck, to win 2 out of 3.


Go Cards.

Cards rough up Colon, defeat the Mets 9-0

Cardinals tag Colon, knock Mets out of 1st with 9-0 rout

CarMart gets his first win in May.

via Cards rough up Colon, Mets drop from 1st.

If only every game could be like this. Last nights game was a preview of what could become the new normal for the Cardinals. If Carlos Martinez, Jason Heyward and Matt Adams can continue to perform like they did last night, the Cards might never lose another game.

CarMart went 6.1 innings, 0 ER. Jason Heyward had 2 hits, 1 HR. Matt Adams had 2 hits, 1 HR, 3 RBI. If this is an indication that these guys have turned the corner and future performance will be this. The Cards can beat, any team, anywhere, anytime.

Matheny decided to start Grichuk in center field. That moved Wong up to the leadoff position and all Kolton did was be the spark plug, with 3 hits, 2 RBI. Matt Holliday also added 3 hits, raised his average to .327. Impressive.

Randal Grichuk continued to look like an All Star player, by hitting a double, a triple and making a diving catch in center. Jon Jay may never get another start this year. It may turn out that his role will be as the Cards designated pinch hitter. This would be good for the team, bad for Jay’s career.

All I can say is wow. The Cards looked very good last night.

The Cards by winning, have 27 wins in 40 games. That is the best start to a season in more than 40 years. With all the offense, over the last 2 nights. The Cardinals run differential is now at +60. Second best total in both leagues. Only behind the Royals at +61. Run differential is the true indicator of how good a team really is.

Jaime Garcia goes today in the series finale. Let’s hope that Jaime can survive today and fill Waino’s spot in the rotation.

Go Cards.


Wacha gets his 6th victory over the Mets

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The Cardinals have won all of Wacha starts, 8-0.

Michael Wacha continued his march to becoming the Cardinals #1 starting pitcher. Another start, another win. Wacha is now 6-0. Very impressive. Combine this with the offense scoring in 5 innings, putting up a total of 10 runs. The Cardinals had a rare, no stress victory.

Randal Grichuk and Peter Bourjos continued laying claim that they should get more playing time. Matheny had them batting 1-2 in the lineup and it worked. Grichuk rallied from a 5 strikeout performance against Matt Harvey, going 3-5, with 3 RBI. Bourjos went 2-5, with 2 runs scored and 1 RBI. Impressive.

I don’t think people are paying enough attention to the remarkable change in Mike Matheny’s managing over the last 3 weeks. His flexibility of thought is a remarkable change, from the loyal veterans play, of the previous 3 years. Matheny is  reacting to matchups and trends, trying to put his players in a position to succeed. It is the most important thing that has happened this year to the Cardinals.

Last night is a good case in point. Matheny gave Carpenter, Heyward and Adams the night off. With Jay on the DL, that meant that 4 veterans were not in the lineup. This would never have happened in the first 4 weeks of the season. The result. The Cardinals had 15 hits and 10 runs. Mike Matheny deserves more credit that he is getting.

The Cardinals lost Waino and Walden, no replacements has risen up and grabbed the jobs. The Cardinals are playing 35 games, in 36 days. And the Cards still have the most wins in baseball at 26. Give the man some credit.

Matheny even pulled Holliday and Molina from the game in the late innings, after the win was assured. He never does that. Now, if he would just give up on the notion that Carpenter and Holliday always have to hit 2-3 in the lineup. Matheny’s transformation to a modern manager would be complete.

In other news from yesterday, Matheny went out of his way to comment on Sam Tuivailala’s new pitch that he was able to use in the 9th inning with a 8 run lead. Matheny talked a length about the cutter-ish type pitch, that the Cardinals introduce to Sam in spring training. This confirms what I have thought.The Cardinals are grooming Tuivailala to become the next closer for the club. Something to keep and eye on.

There was a lot of media coverage yesterday about Matheny’s decision to pull Lackey in the 8th inning, in yesterday’s game. Lackey was due to hit first in the inning. Matheny pulled him for Bourjos, who grounded out. Lackey was not happy about it and voiced his displeasure with the move. Matheny responded publicly in defending the move. Stating this is the National League and that it is not all about Lackey. I like it.

I like the fact that a player was vocal about a decision that the manager made. I don’t think there is anything wrong with doing that. As it turned out Lackey was right. However, Matheny was also correct, with pulling him in the 8th inning, trailing by 1 run and hitting first in the inning. What I like is that Matheny had to defend his decision. Something that rarely happens. I like the back and forth. The manager should be questioned by the veteran players. Nothing wrong with that.

CarMart against Colon in tonight’s game. Can CarMart pitch longer than 4 innings? Stay tuned.

Go Cards.


St. Louis Cardinals’ offense falls short in 14-inning loss

St. Louis Cardinals' Yadier Molina reacts after striking out during the fourth inning of a baseball game against the New York Mets Monday, May 18, 2015, at Citi Field in New York. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

One of those nights. Offense could not get anything going.

via St. Louis Cardinals’ offense falls short in 14-inning loss | FOX Sports.

The Cards knew runs were going to be at a premium, going against Matt Harvey. That is exactly what happened. Harvey kept the Cards from scoring, pitching 8 complete innings. However, John Lackey was just as good, only giving up one run. So, the Cards were still in the game.

The Mets have great starting pitching, but the bullpen, not so much. The Cards took advantage and thanks to singles by  Adams and Yadi. The Cards pushed across a run to tie the game, in the 9th inning. Go Cards. But, that is all the offense the Cards could get going.

The bullpens took over and Sam Tuivailala was the weak link, walking the first 2 hitters he face in the 14th inning. That was the ballgame. Cards lose 2-1.

What I would like to see, Matheny do against tough starting pitching, is put a small ball lineup on the field. With all the speed at the top. Matheny made the decision to start Grichuk. I don’t know why? Grichuk went 0-6. I would have preferred to see Bourjos in center. Why not use speed, to put pressure on a good starter?

Try Bourjos, Wong, Carpenter and Heyward at the top of the lineup and see if you can manufacture a couple of runs.

Just a thought.

The next 3 games, should all play out the same way. Low scoring. Try something different.


Go Cards.

Lynn and Wong help Cards avoid sweep, against the Tigers.


Kolton Wong hits the game winning homer in the 6th.

Lance Lynn took a step towards replacing Adam Wainwright, as the Ace of the staff on Sunday Night baseball, going 7.1 innings, giving up only one earned run. It was just what the Cardinals needed.

Lance’s win, kept the Cards from being swept at home, for the first time this year. It was a key win. The Cardinals had lost 5 out of the last 7 games. It was starting to become a thing. Thanks to Lance, tying up the game in the 3rd inning, with a single to left field. This was after Peter Bourjos opened the inning with a triple.

Kolton Wong put the Cardinals ahead, with a solo home run in the 6th inning. Seth Maness did his one pitch inducing a double play in the 8th inning. Rosenthal got the save. It was the Cardinals 10th come from behind victory this year. Very Impressive.

Mike Matheny, in his never ending quest to try and get Heyward on tract, moved Jason to the lead-off spot. It didn’t work. Heyward went 0-4, 2 SO, 2 LOB. No solution in sight. With Shelby Miller almost getting a no-hitter on Sunday. The haters are starting to become very vocal.

What the haters are failing to take into account, is that the coaching staff have just started to work with Jason. With Heyward being new to the team, the staff had a hands off approach, so for in the 2015 season. Which is the correct approach to take.

It is unreasonable, to expect the coaches to tell a player like Jason, what he needs to change, until a relationship has developed. Give it until the All Star break, before you start labelling the trade, of Miller for Heyward, one of the worst in Cardinals history.

What Matheny is going to have to come up with, in the short term, is a way to get Randal Grichuk regular playing time. In my opinion, this can only happen if Matheny takes the untouchable tag off Matt Holliday. This is counter intuitive, because Holliday is having a great season.

However, the reality of the situation is that Holliday is 35 years old. Easing the work-load, is the correct approach to take. Holliday has one more year left on his deal. The Cardinals at this point in time, are looking at a starting 2017 outfield of Bourjos, Grichuk and Heyward. That is the future.

How you get to that point and still win a WS, is what Matheny has to manage. Not going to be easy. But, it can’t happen, if Holliday has the same status as Molina and Carpenter.

Between now and the trade deadline, Mozeliak has to decide which center fielder, he is going to keep. If your goal is to keep Heyward, which at this moment, it has to be. The club currently has Bourjos, Jay and Grichuk. Somebody’s got to go. Grichuk with his power potential is going no where. That leaves Jay and Bourjos. The Club seems to want Bourjos to win the job. That leave Jay as the odd man out. Time will tell.

The Cards face Matt Harvey tonight in New York, on no sleep. Going to be lucky to come away with the win.


Go Cards.

Cardinals base runner blunders, lead to 4-3 loss, to the Tigers.

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Peralta tying up the game at 3-3, with a solo home run.

The Cardinals lost to the Tigers, 4-3. That is not the story of this game. Despite, Tyler Lyons only going 3.2 innings, 3 ER. The Cardinals had this game won. Thanks to solo home runs by Matt Carpenter, Jhonny Peralta and Peter Bourjos. The game was tied 3-3 in the 7th inning. Jason Heyward pinch-hitting for Carlos Villanueva.

Jason doubles to left field. All good. Only one out. Grichuk comes to the plate. A single and the Cards get the go ahead run. Randal steps up. Hits a double off the center field wall. Cards go ahead 4-3. Wait. What. Heyward is still standing at 3rd. WTF. How did that happen?

Heyward simply blew it. Jason decided not to go half way, but re-tag at 2nd, in case the ball was caught. Big blunder. Jason was already at second with one out. If Grichuk’s ball is caught. There will be 2 outs. No reason to try to get to 3rd. A sac fly will not allow you to score. This was just a brain freeze.

It cost the Cardinals the game.

Pete Kozma pinch running for Peralta, added to the blunders in the 8th inning. When for some reason, he tried to advance to 3rd, on a foul ball pop out. Running into a double play, that ended the inning.

The Tigers scored a run off Matt Belisle in the 10th. Holliday gets thrown out in the bottom of the 10th, trying to turn a single into a double. That’s a ball game that we gave away.

The real issue from the game, is Tyler Lyons has used up his last opportunity to get the 5th spot in the rotation. What to do now?

Bernie Miklasz in his column points out the problem.

Since April 26, the day after Wainwright went down, Cardinals starting pitchers have lasted fewer than six innings in 11 of 20 starts and have a 4.56 ERA. They’ve cranked out only eight quality starts in the 20 games.

The rotation erosion has put an enormous strain on relievers that pitched 76.1 innings since the Wainwright injury, the most by an MLB bullpen over that time.

Bernie’s conclusion. Trade away the farm, to get another starter. Bernie is an idiot. Why do columnist always demand a trade to solve a club’s problems. Bernie, how is the Miller for Heyward trade working out, so far? The Cardinals would not have the current problem, if that trade never happened. Miller is currently 4-1, with an ERA under 2.0, on a bad team and Randal Grichuk is currently a better hitter than Heyward.

The solution for the Cards is already on the team. Carlos Villanueva is on a roll. Has not given up a run in the month of May. Carlos should slide into the 5th spot, for right now. Just to give everyone a breather. Let the call ups go to the bullpen. Same with Garcia, when he comes back.

Carlos is a swing man. Let him swing. This will buy the Cardinals the needed time, until someone emerges as the 5th starter. Problem solved.

Being a GM is easy.

The Cubs have now won 6 in a row, while the Cardinals are in this funk. Only 3 games back. Not good.

The Cards have already lost this series, let’s hope we can keep the Tigers from getting the sweep, tonight.

Go Cards.


Bullpen can’t save Martinez. Cards lose 10-4 against the Tigers.

@tsunamy0327 fans eight over five innings, but #STLCards fall late to Tigers.

CarMart was much better, it just wasn’t good enough against the Tigers.

The final score is not a true indicator of what really transpired in the game. The Cardinals were in this game until the 7th inning. Then it all fell apart.

CarMart pitched into the 6th inning and Belisle bailed Carlos out of a 2 men on, no outs situations. Impressive. No worries. The Cards are trailing 2-0 going into the 7th. Still have a chance.

Mitch Harris enters the game retires the first two batters. Kinsler draws a walk on a 3-2 count. Cabrera comes to the plate. Mitch gets 2 strikes on Cabrera. Then Cabrera is Cabrera. Hits a 2 run home run. That was the ball game. Martinez followed with another excuse me home run. Cards trailing 5-0.

Heyward and Peralta were able to homer to get the Cards on the board to make the score 6-4. Then Seth Maness got hung out, in the top of the 9th giving up 4 runs. Matheny unwilling to use another reliever. It was the right choice.

The game showed that the Cardinals are still searching for Waldens replacement in the pen. Somebody needs to get on a run and earn the spot.

You really can’t second guess any of the decisions that Matheny made. Matheny might have had Belisle go a second inning. However, Harris started the inning facing the 9th spot in the lineup. It was the right call not to have Belisle come back out for a second inning.

What the game did show was that with Waino and Walden going down. The pitching staff is in flux. The solution to yet to be determined.

The pitching staff gave up a season high 10 runs. On May 4th the pitching staff gave up 9 runs to the Cubs. But the Cards won the game 10-9. The only real impact of all this is Mitch and Seth’s ERA will look high until the All Star break.

The Cards had runners on base in every inning. But Peter Bourjos hitting in the lead-off position, finally came back to earth and put up a 0-5 performance. The offense never got started, in the early innings.

The other bad news is that the Cubs got lucky against the Pirates and pulled out a win. The Cubs have won 5 games in a row. Pulling to within 4 games of the division lead.

Loosing the first game of a series, always opens your team up to getting swept. Tyler Lyons will have to win against David Price today.

Hold your breath.

Go Cards.


Carpenter’s homer in 8th lifts Cardinals over Indians

LEADING OFF: Bumgarner sees Red; Yanks go west; Abreu fresh

Marp does it again.

via Carpenter’s homer in 8th lifts Cardinals over Indians 2-1 – Yahoo Sports.

Michael Wacha hung in for 5 innings, giving up only 1 ER. Trevor Bauer held the Cardinals without a run through 7.1 innings. Then Peter Bourjos manage to get a walk. Francona, brings in former Cardinal, Marc (scrabble) Rzepczynski and he showed why the Cardinals finally gave up on him, giving up a 2 run homer to Marp.

Once again, this is the type of game that the Cardinals would have lost in 2014. The Cardinals won a series over the Indians for the first time in history. The Cards are now 9-1-1 in series victories in 2015.

Mike Matheny continued to mix up the lineup, moving Reynolds back up to the 5th spot. Wong down to the 6th spot. Both responded with 2 hits. Reynolds is now hitting an unbelievable .261, with a .346 OBP. If Reynolds can continue this, he will prove me wrong, that he is a good fit on this club.

Matt Holliday talked his way back into lineup, after getting hit in the elbow, yesterday. Holliday was able to obtain a walk to keep his streak of 32 games in a row, of getting on base. It was disappointing that Holliday, was able to talk his way back into the lineup.

Matheny should have held firm. Didn’t we learn anything with Carpenter missing 4 games. With this horrible schedule of 1 day off in 36 games. Days off, have to be managed. Lets not turn a bruised elbow, into a lingering injury, that affects Matt’s performance.

It official. Matt Adams is now in a funk. Last 7 days, Matt is hitting.048. For the month of May .122. Look for Reynolds to get more starts against right-handed pitchers, at 1st base.

Kevin Siegrist had to pitch 2 innings in order for the Cards to get the win. It looks like Kevin is replacing Walden as the #2 guy in the pen.

Marco Gonzales had a bad outing in AAA. Looks like Lyons will get the next couple of starts in Waino’s spot. I think everybody was hoping Gonzales would be ready quickly. Not gonna happen. The Cards will have to wait on Garcia.

CarMart goes against the Tigers today. Let’s hope he can get back on track.

Go Cards.



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