St. Louis Cardinals in top 10 on Forbes’ most valuable MLB teams list

via St. Louis Cardinals in top 10 on Forbes’ most valuable MLB teams list | FOX Sports.Jun 20, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; A general view of Busch Stadium during the game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Philadelphia Phillies. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

For the 18th consecutive year, Forbes has ranked the Bronx Bombers as the most valuable MLB team with a net worth of $3.2 billion. If only George Costanza were still around, then maybe they’d be worth a smidge more.

The Dodgers are the second-highest ranking team — a mere $800 million behind New York. The highest-ranking team in the world? Spanish soccer team Real Madrid, worth $3.44 billion.

And while it’s no surprise the Yankees are at the top of the baseball money list, according to the Forbes people, the St. Louis Cardinals coming in at No. 6 with a net worth of $1.4 billion is quite the oddity. Here is what the article says in regard to the Redbirds:

The St. Louis Cardinals are baseball’s biggest anomaly. Despite playing in one of the smallest markets, the Cardinals are MLB’s sixth-most valuable team, worth $1.4 billion. During the 19 seasons Bill DeWitt has owned them, the Cardinals have posted a winning record 16 times and have been in four World Series, winning the title in 2011 and 2006. Since moving into their new stadium in 2006 the team has never finished below sixth in attendance and has placed second the past two seasons. The Cardinals also pull in baseball’s highest local television ratings. And with Ballpark Village, the Cardinals have made the area near Busch Stadium a destination place for people looking for dining and entertainment.

The Cardinals had an operating income of $73.3 million in 2014. That is a remarkable total, finishing just behind the Cubs, who in 2014 had not began to spend money. And the Cardinals are just starting to negotiating its new television deal, that will kick in for the 2018 season.

My takeaway from all this news. The Cardinals should be spending more money internationally. Think letting the Pirates out bid them for the power hitting infielder Kung for mere $5 million. The Cardinals have zero power bats in the minors, that will be ready for the majors in the next few years.

The Cubs, Pirates and Dodgers are loaded with prospects that will be hitting the majors for the next few years. The national media is already openly talking about the Cards 15 year run of excellence coming to an end. Some are even jumping in early and picking the Pirates and the Cubs to win the division this year.

Mozeliak has been brilliant by not signing bad long-term contracts. This conservative approach has worked. However, it’s time to take a few more risk internationally.

Especially, with all the money the club is making.


More Than Rotation Decision – STL Baseball WeeklySTL Baseball Weekly

via More Than Rotation Decision – STL Baseball WeeklySTL Baseball Weekly.

3-4-15 Jaime Garcia
It is starting to look like a coin toss will determine who gets the fifth starter spot for the Cards. The stat lines for Gonzales, Garcia and Martinez are all pretty good.

Garcia is continuing to answer his biggest question–health, with good results after 150+ pitches over his last two outings.

Gonzales has allowed just one run in 12.2 innings and opponents have hit just .182 against him.

Martinez has also fared well with opponents hitting just .190 and has 10 strikeouts in his 11 innings of work.

Which means that Mozeliak has some decisions to make. Until that time, we will have read the clues.

The first clue, the Cards had a day off yesterday, Jaime Garcia pitched a simulation came. No changing the schedule to get Jamie some game action. Interesting. Did Mozeliak have Jaime pitch a simulated game, because some team is interested and did not want to risk a bad outing? That really make no sense.

Whatever the reason, Mozeliak chose not to disrupt Gonzales and Martinez pitching schedule. Interesting.

I am on record that Jaime should be traded. To much baggage to keep him. However, if it is really a coin flip, would Mozeliak keep all three?

If that is the choice and you don’t want to send Martinez back to AAA. Then Mozeliak has to trade Lackey. I like it. Makes the most sense. Keep all three. Don’t hinder the growth and development of Martinez. Pick up a good prospect for Lackey.

Being a GM is really not all that hard.



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