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I could be the GM for the Braves. Don’t sign any free agents for more that 10 milllion total. Don’t trade any minor league player for an “impact player.” Don’t have brothers on your team. Done. Everything else is good.

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FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reports that John Hart will be named the Braves’ president of baseball operations.

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Gold Glove Awards finalists revealed


Yadi and Waino.

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Three players at each position in each league were named finalists for the 2015 Rawlings Gold Glove Awards on Thursday.

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It not all Matheny’s fault

Matheny has been taking a beating in the national and local media, since the loss to the Giants.  Good.  He should.  Starting in April, you could break down Matheny’s major decisions and make a strong case that the club would have been better off, if you did exactly the opposite of Matheny’s choice.

I’m not kidding about this.  Development of the young players.  Bullpen management.  Lack of run scoring.  Lack of problem solving.  Unlimited opportunity to under performing veteran players.  Matheny should take some heat.

However, let’s not forget about his boss.  Mozeliak.  Matheny is not a bad manager.  Matheny is a young untrained manager.  That is Mozeliak’s responsibility.

In a past life, I trained managers for a living.  I would tell each new group, it will take 3 years before you actually start earning your salary.  Making good decisions that actually are done in a timely manner and gain profit for the company.  Working on long-term goals and executing short-term goals.  Until that time, you’re going to need constant feedback and development and it was on them to show learning and adjusting along the way.

I really don’t believe that Mozeliak has done this with Matheny.  I believe Mozeliak’s relationship with Matheny is very similar to the relationship he had with TLR.  Big mistake.  The problem is Matheny had zero experience, La Russa had 30 years and was going to the HOF.

Matheny is still making first year manager mistakes.

  • Managing his players, like he wanted to be managed.  Loyalty and a free reign to get out there and figure it out. Good managers manage individuals base upon what they need and the situation calls for, in order to perform at a high level.
  • Showing favoritism to staff that are most like themselves.  Notice that opportunity is given white, married, Christians.
  • Thinking that he needs to be involved in all decisions and make the decision.  Really good managers don’t do anything.  This always drives employees nuts.  However it is true.  The system functions at a high level without involvement from the manager.
  • Changing management style to fit the situation.  Regular season verses playoffs.  It is different, it needs to be managed differently.
  • Development is the most important thing a manager does and it needs to be done daily.  Remember the famous, “we are not in the development business, we are in the winning game business.”
  • Confusing values with game planning.  How many times have we heard Matheny say the player goes about his business the right way.  Hard worker.  Good teammate.  Behavior must be managed by specifics, not generalities.  It’s like telling a teenager they have a bad attitude.  You need to give specifics.
  • Do as I say, not what I do.  Matheny is very complimentary that his coaches tailor feedback to the player based upon what they need in order to problem solve.  Yet, this is his biggest failing when it comes to his behavior.

These are all first year manager missteps.  Everybody goes through this.  It management 101 stuff.  Matheny is still at a freshman level, when he should be entering his senior year, getting ready to graduate.

This is Mozeliak’s responsibility.  Mozeliak in my opinion is a top five General Manager.  However, this was his first attempt at developing a big league manager and to this point, he has failed.  The relationship now has to be totally reset and start over.  Not good.

Three post seasons and Matheny has struck out.  Should have gone at least 1 for 3.  That’s what the Cardinals as an organization and the fans expect.

What is most concerning about last year is that Matheny and Mozeliak seemed to be on different pages the entire year.  Either it is a communication and feedback issue, or Matheny is a stubborn S.O.B. that went his own way.  We will find out next year.

The one issue that I have with Mozeliak is his fondness of saying he does not get involved with what happens on the field.  That is a chicken-shit approach.  Get involved, put your butt on the line.  Matheny deserves no less.  Any organization outside of baseball would not put it’s fortunes in the hands of one man.  If this really is your approach, it needs to change.  It’s called risk management.  The team approach really does work.  Modern baseball is too complex not to take this approach.  Come up with a game plan and hold individuals accountable to execute the plan.

It’s the modern game.  Time to catch up with other organizations.  Let’s not go the way of poorly run baseball teams and fire the manager and start over.  That really would be making the last 3 years a total waste.

Until next years spring training starts, I will be giving specifics of what I feel what went wrong and how to fix it.  As if I was sitting in Mozeliak’s chair.  Wanna be GM.  Stl Minni Mo.  Get it.



John Mozeliak and Mike Matheny need to get on the same page this winter – Viva El Birdos

John Mozeliak and Mike Matheny need to get on the same page this winter – Viva El Birdos.  This article is right on point.

St. Louis Cardinals Rumors – MLB Trade Rumors

St. Louis Cardinals Rumors – MLB Trade Rumors.

What did Mozeliak and Matheny reveal about the St. Louis Cardinals’ offseason plans during Monday’s press conference? – Viva El Birdos

What did Mozeliak and Matheny reveal about the St. Louis Cardinals’ offseason plans during Monday’s press conference? – Viva El Birdos.

Jay to have wrist surgery; Yadi, Waino prescribed rest |

Jay to have wrist surgery; Yadi, Waino prescribed rest |

Mike Matheny to release book on managing in February of 2015 | CardinalsFarm

Mike Matheny to release book on managing in February of 2015 | CardinalsFarm.  Talk about bad timing.

Cardinals will try to trade Randy Choate this offseason


Mozeliak is making the team Matheny proof. Look for Descalso to be traded.

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The Cardinals gave Randy Choate a three-year, $7.5 million contract in December of 2012 to be their left-handed specialist, but Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatchreports that the club “will look to move” him this offseason.

Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak indicated as much in his comments to the media today, during which he said Choate was “very specialized” and that it was difficult to give him proper work during the season.

“I think we both feel that if we can upgrade there or have an additional arm to choose from, that makes sense,” Mozeliak said. “We’re certainly not ruling out Siegrist. I think in Choate’s case, for us, he’s fairly one-dimensional. That makes it difficult for us to use him, particularly during a long season.”

Choate posted a 4.50 ERA over 61 appearances this season, but he held left-handed batters to an .093/.205/.147 batting line. The 39-year-old…

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Cardinals expected to lose all five free-agents-to-be


Neshek and Motte will get multi year offers from others teams. Relievers on multi-year deals rarely pay off. See Randy Choate.

Originally posted on HardballTalk:

The Cardinals aren’t expected to retain any of the five players eligible to head into free agency,’s Jenifer Langosch writes. Only three of those players — Pat Neshek, A.J. Pierzynski, and Mark Ellis — were on the post-season roster. The other two are Jason Motte and Justin Masterson.

Their leaving won’t create a black hole in the Cardinals’ roster, however. Neshek was the most productive of the five, and relievers are quite fungible on a year-to-year basis. Replacing a back-up catcher, back-up infielder, injury-prone pitcher, and an inconsistent starter won’t be difficult. The Cardinals instead have a lot of their key players either already under contract or are otherwise under team control (arbitration-eligible or pre-arbitration).

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