Carpenter, Moss, Reynolds homer as Cardinals beat Giants 7-5

Carpenter, Moss, Reynolds homer as Cardinals beat Giants 7-5

Marp leads off the game with a home run.

via Carpenter, Moss, Reynolds homer as Cardinals beat Giants 7-5 – Yahoo Sports.

The Cardinals finish their road trip with a nice win over the Giants. Winning 7 of the last 8. Very Impressive. The game was notable because the Cardinals won a game, where they had to out score the Giants. The Giants 3-4-5 hitters had 10 hits. This is the kind of game the Cardinals had no chance of winning a couple of weeks ago.

Moss hit his second home run as a Cardinal. If Moss can start to contribute, it would make a huge difference. Moss splits match better with Adams. This could be something that Matheny could use in the postseason. If Moss has actually turned the corner.

The bad news from the game. Matheny had Garcia playing short. Peralta has been struggling. Garcia did not look steady. I fear that Garcia will not be able to hold his spot on the roster, when the postseason comes around. Garcia can hit. The club needs him on the bench. I don’t think Matheny will trust him to back up short. Look for Diaz to get a September call-up.

The other bad news from the game. Matheny started Piscotty in centerfield. This is getting ready for the return of Holliday. Not crazy about this move. It means Pham, is not even being considered for the postseason. Piscotty and Grichuk will split time. If Matheny stays with this approach, it will be a disaster.

It is simple. Without the rookies, the Cardinal offense will not be able to score enough runs, to win in the postseason. I firmly believe this. Matheny will muck it all up, if he goes with the veterans first approach.

During the broadcast Dan brought up the fact, that the Cardinals are now last in the league in defensive shifts. This is what I mean that Matheny is too old school and still is not on the same page as the front office. It is a real problem.

Matheny is a natural-born leader. Good communicator and seems to get the most out of his players. That is 70% of being a good manager. However, if he doesn’t get with the program, it will be his downfall.

More bad news from the game. Cishek relieved Garcia in the 7th inning. Threw one pitch, got a double play. Got out of the inning. Why is this bad news? Matheny did not send him back out for the 8th. Matheny is going, way out of his way to protect Cishek. Not good. Matheny is setting it up that Cishek, will get a key role in the postseason. Without earning it. A very risky move.

These are the things I worry about.

The Cardinals got passed the road trip and still have a 4.5 game lead over the Pirates. That is no small accomplishment. The Pirates have been playing very well. However, because the Cardinals were able to score some runs, it all worked out.

The Cardinals can lock up the division with a good home stand. The Nats, Pirates and Cubs, all come to town.

It will be good TV.


So….Randy Flores, Huh? – Viva El Birdos

via So….Randy Flores, Huh? – Viva El Birdos.

This is the first article I’ve seen trying to figure out the Randy Flores hire. It is worth the read.

However, this hire turns out. It is definitely, an out of the box hire. For that reason alone. I like it. For the Cardinals to stay competitive, they cannot just do the same thing everyone else is doing and hope to finish first. The Cardinals need to find an area that the can exploit, to give them an edge. At least for a few years. Until the rest of the league copies it.

The Jeff Luhnow hire was like that. It resulted in the legendary 2009 draft. The draft that changed everything for the organization. Since Luhnow left. The Kantrovitz drafts have been notable due to the huge success of the first round picks. But, the jury is still out on how the Kantrovitz drafts will grade out. It may be a couple more years, to find out if any of the lower round picks will have an impact at the major league level.

After Kantrovitz left for Oakland, it was Chris Correa’s turn. I really liked his first draft. I liked the fact that the Cardinals focused in on potential game changing, high school players. With the Cardinals always drafting at the end of the first round. They will never get a game changing position player, taking a college player. It just doesn’t works that way.

The Cardinals need to do more of this. The one area that the Cardinals can exploit, is that they have a competitive major league club, for the next few years. This buys them time. Taking high school players is a luxury that most clubs can’t afford. Due to the fact, that they need more immediate help.

I really liked the fact that Correa had the guts to make the picks. High School players come with more risk. You can have more bust. Due to the fact, they have not matured and faced college level competition.

It’s a shame Correa had the hacking issue. I may be in the minority. I don’t believe Correa, hacked to steal information from Luhnow. I really believe that Correa hacked in order to prove, that Luhnow had been using Cardinal software illegally. Yes, there was probably some bad blood in the mix and Correa showed poor judgement. I just find it very interesting, that the Feds have not filed any charges.

I think the Astros wants this to go away. I think when Luhnow called the FBI, he thought he was going to catch a reporter in a hacking scandal. I believe the last thing, Luhnow wants to do is, go to court and Correa the defense team saying it was not hacking, because it was Cardinal property.

Which bring us back to the Randy Flores hire. Flores does have 8 years of major league experience, 5 with the Cards. So Flores does have the Cardinal way experience. Coached a little at USC when he was completing his Masters. What seems to have clinched the deal, is that Flores has a digital analysis company. That 11 major league organizations are currently using. I’m guessing that this is what Mozeliak is looking to exploit.

What will be interesting, is with Flores limited background, can he make it all work. Will he have enough credibility, with the scouting and development staff, to earn the time, to go through his learning curve. And how many mistakes, will be made along the way.

The Red Sox have started to lose key members of their development staff, with the firing of Ben Cherington. They have a good one. Lets hope the Cardinals can avoid this. I’m sure, some of the Cardinals staff, is not happy. With this out of the box hire.

But, I like that Mozeliak took the gamble. If the Cardinals are going to remain a World Series competitor, they can’t do the same thing that the Cubs and Dodgers are doing. Those organizations, now have good front offices and way more resources, to field potential World Series winners.

The Cardinals, if they are going to keep up, have to find a way to do it better and differently. Maybe, this will accomplish that.


Lynn and Piscotty give the Cards a 6-0 win over the Giants.

St. Louis Cardinals vs. San Francisco Giants - Photos - August 29, 2015 - ESPN

It’s all about Piscotty.

This time of year, nothing better than a stress free win. The Cards win over the Giants 6-0. Lance Lynn had another quality start. It really is remarkable. It still is all about the starting pitching for the 2015 Cardinals.

However, that may change shortly. Stephen Piscotty went 4-4 yesterday. Piscotty is now hitting 12-24 in the last 7 days. Accumulating 10 RBI. Impressive. Isn’t this the time when the league starts to make an adjustment? Whatever, they are doing it is not working.

Matheny is starting to talk about that Bell and Mabry, have Piscotty on an accelerated learning program. Because he is able to handle it. Will this keep Piscotty from the slump, that all rookies run into. Once the scouts find out the players weakness. Time will tell.

In an era where so few players in the majors are able to hit .300, Piscotty is now sitting at .344, with a .954 OPS. One of the ingredients for a World Series winning team, is you need a rookie to solve a problem for the club. Is Piscotty going to solve the Cardinals biggest issue, run scoring?

What would a Piscotty, Grichuk, Heyward outfield be able to produce? I fear we will never find out. If Holliday is able to make it back. Piscotty goes to the bench.

Count on it.

These are the things I worry about.


Cards drop first game to the Giants

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Wacha did his part.

The first game of a series. Want to get off to a fast start. Wacha pitching. All good. Third inning. Error, error, hit batter. Bases loaded. Byrd hits a grand slam. Cards down 4-0. Ugh. That was the ballgame. The Cards did manage to come back and tie the score at 4-4. Siegrist could not get out of the 9th inning. 2 walks and 2 singles. Giants win 5-4. Not exactly Cardinal baseball.

Matheny felt it was important to show confidence in Siegrist. Did not have anyone warming up in the 9th inning. This is a classic Matheny move. It is up to the players to come through. No help will be coming from Matheny. My issue with this move. If this was the plan to have Siegrist fill in for Rosie, while he is on paternity leave, then why did Siegrist pitch in a 10-1 game 4 nights ago. If Kevin is the man. Why did you have the man, pitching mop up.

In a tie game situation. Why was Villanueva and Tuivailala not used out of the bullpen, first? This is what I worry about for the postseason. Matheny has shown no growth and development, in his in-game management. It will all be up to the players to perform. No help will be coming from the bench.

One more time I will ask the question. Why is Randy Choate still on this team? Choate entered the game in the 7th inning and for the 17th time this season failed to record an out. LOOGYs have only one job. Get one guy out. Choate is not capable of performing that job.

The Giants are only 2.5 games behind the Dodgers. I fear the Giants in the postseason. Even with Kershaw and Greinke, I would rather play the Dodgers. Why? Bochy owns Matheny. In a close game, Bochy will push the right buttons. Matheny will not be pushing any buttons.

It will be Ron Washington against Tony La Russa. We know how that turned out. Its time to start rooting for the Dodgers. That is why losing last night to the Giants, is a big deal.

The Cards need to take the final 2 games of this series. These games are more important, than other games.

These are the things I worry about.


Mariners fire general manager Jack Zduriencik

via Mariners fire general manager Jack Zduriencik.

Trying to look at the game from the perspective of a General Manager, it’s fun to evaluate what happening, to other organizations. Today the Mariners decided to reboot. I really don’t know much about American league teams. But, I do have a few observations.

The initial statements from the Mariners stated, that changes had to be made to bring a championship to Seattle. Stop right there. That is the problem. In any organization, the first rule is to understand what and who you are. The Mariners should not be talking about championships.

If I were a Mariner fan, this would piss me off. The Mariners have not made the postseason since 2001 and you’re talking championships. I think the Mariners fans would settle for a team that could finish above .500 and have a shot at making the postseason.

Watching MLB network’s coverage today. Evidently, Zduriencik was supposed to be a great talent evaluator. The Mariners farm system was on the rise after he took over, but has fallen back to something like 25th in the rankings. How does this happen? How can an organization fail to evaluate its own performance, so poorly.

This is where the Cardinals, are way ahead of the rest of the league. Mr. Dewitt took away player development from Jocketty, while he was still employed as GM. Why? Because, it was not what he was good at. Brought in Luhnow to reboot. The Cardinals are where they are today, due to that one decision.

Did it cause problems. Yes, it did. But, it enabled the organization to buy time, to turn things around. Jocketty was very good at making trades for established veterans and putting a competitive team on the field. However, the cost was minor league talent. If Mr. Dewitt had not made the change, the Cardinals would be the Reds, of today.

The other observation is when will GMs learn that in today’s game you cannot sign a free agent and expect that guy to be the game changer. It will not work. Game changers have to be developed from the organization’s minor league system. Why? Because without PED’s and amphetamines, youth is a requirement. And 22-year-old super stars, don’t come on the market. Unless, you are Billy Beane, throwing a hissy fit and trade Donaldson.

The other rule that Zduriencik broke was the highest paid player on the team must be home-grown. Giving Cano $250 million was just dumb. It will destroy any chance of having team chemistry. Why this is not obvious to everybody, remains a mystery to me. Think about what would happen at your work. They bring in a guy and pay him more than what the entire department is making. Would you be happy. Would your response be: Oh good. Now we will be, so much better. Human nature is human nature.

I would look for Ben Cherington to get this job. He is good a building a farm system. The Mariners have enough resources to put together a solid team. It would be Boston, without the meddling from the owners. Decisions in Seattle can be made without taking TV ratings into consideration.

The first thing I would do would be to eat some of the Cano contact and trade him. Instant credibility.


Cardinals complete season sweep of Diamondbacks in 5-3 win

CarMart picks up another win.

via Cardinals complete season sweep of Diamondbacks in 5-3 win – Viva El Birdos.

Trying to figure out the mind of Matheny is never easy. Yesterday, was one of those days. It started with the lineup. Molina had the day off. Ok. The Dbacks pitcher, De La Rosa, can’t get lefties out. Matheny starts Garcia and Moss. Ok. But, Matheny puts Moss in left field and Garcia at 3rd base. Which moved Marp over to 1st base. I was confused.

Inserting Moss and Garcia, is solid analytics. Lefties are batting .315 against De La Rosa, righties .207. Totally logical to have Moss and Garcia play. Having Garcia play 3rd and moving Marp to first. WTF. Doesn’t Garcia play short? Can’t Moss play 1st? Isn’t Piscotty your hottest hitter?

It seems that Matheny refuses to do the simple logical analytical decision. It is like, if he gives in on one decision, he will lose the battle, proving baseball is more than numbers. Old school and stubbornness. Not a good combination for the postseason.

The game played out, with Martinez and De La Rosa giving up runs early. Score was 3-3, going into the 5th inning. Moss comes through in a big way, getting his first home run as a Cardinal. Good for Brandon. However, it has been a month since he joined the Cards. Keep your panties on. Maybe, this will get Moss going. Time will tell.

After the Cardinals left the bases loaded in the 7th, without scoring. Steve Cishek came in to pitch the 8th and promptly walked the base loaded. WTF. The score is 5-3. It’s the 8th inning. Cishek walks the bases loaded and Matheny sits there and watches it all happen.

This is where I have my biggest complaint with Matheny. Cishek should have been pulled after he walked, the first batter. This is where a tough love approach should have been employed. If it would have been a rookie, Matheny would have pulled him. However, because it is a good Christian veteran, Matheny has faith.

Matheny does this a lot. It is not right. Matheny gives extra opportunity to players, that openly reflect his values. It is a common mistake that new managers make. It happens subconsciously. Cishek has not earned the right to be protected and given the benefit of the doubt.

I understand, Mozeliak likes to cover all his bases. Bringing in Broxton and Cishek are good moves. But, they have to earn it. Tui and Soco would have been performing at the level that Broxton and Cishek have been doing so far.

I hope they both get the opportunity to prove it in September. This will require Matheny, to provide opportunity to do that. Time will tell.

Maness did come in and save the day. It really was incredible. Striking out the first 2 batters, he faced. Maness is not a strikeout pitcher. It really was remarkable. Game over.

Which leads us to, who is going to be the closer against the Giants. Does this performance rule out Cishek? Trevor has the weekend off to have a baby. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

The Cards end up sweeping, the season series over the Dbacks. Impressive. The Cards have won five in a row on the road. Very impressive.


Cardinals beat Diamondbacks 3-1 behind Lackey

Cardinals beat Diamondbacks 3-1 behind Lackey

Lackey had nothing to get pissed about.

via Cardinals beat Diamondbacks 3-1 behind Lackey – Yahoo Sports.

The Cards offense was back, at least they faced a good pitcher in Corbin. But, good defense and John Lackey, was enough to get the victory. Lackey has now allowed 3 runs or less in 22 of his 26 starts. Not bad for a back of the rotation guy. Impressive.

Wong and Pham chipped in with good defense and just enough offense. Tommy Pham was on base 3 times. The Cards only had 9 baserunners for the game. Hello. This is a leadoff guy. Wong had the go ahead RBI in the 7th. Marp got the insurance RBI.

Closenthal racked up his 40th save. Impressive. Rosenthal will miss the Giants series to have a baby. Nice. My guess is Cishek will get the closer role.

Jay has headed off to Reno for a rehab assignment. How will Matheny work him back into the lineup? My worry is that the Cards will have a similar problem that has doomed the Nationals. They started getting back all their players off the DL and promptly played themselves out of the postseason. Why? Because they hadn’t played in forever. The Nats playoff odds have dropped to 12%.

Thank the baseball gods, the Cards have Mozeliak and Matheny. Just look at the mess Rizzo and Williams have made. The Nats window is slamming shut. Without Matheny’s leadership, the Cards could be in the same boat.

Matheny has to get Jay going again, without killing Pham’s progress. Matheny is not very good at this stuff. However, the Cards still need wins to make sure the Pirates don’t steal the division. Adams will be easier to integrate. Due to weaker competition from Reynolds and Moss. Has anybody seen Moss lately?

Glad Moss is no longer, in the playing time mix. What a waste.

My main concern, is how will Matheny, bring back Holliday. This will be key, to the Cards postseason chances.

These are the things I worry about.

Martinez goes for the sweep tonight.


Cardinals: Aledmys Diaz deserves September call-up – :

via Cardinals: Aledmys Diaz deserves September call-up – :

Garcia and Pham provide a 9-1 win, over the Arizona

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Arizona Diamondbacks - Photos - August 25, 2015 - ESPN

Tommy Pham gets 3 hits.

Jamie Garcia continued his strong August. Going 6 innings, giving up only 1 run. Cards have a stress free 9-1 victory over the Dbacks. The Cards won all 5 of Jaime’s starts in August. Jamie is moving up on the depth chart. Is Garcia becoming the Cards #2 starter? Could be. Very impressive.

The Cards scored 4 runs in the 1st inning. Due to some aggressive base running by Marp. That was the ball game. Tommy Pham had 3 hits and 1 BB, out of the 2 spot in the lineup. The #2 spot in the lineup has been the great abyss this season. Matheny’s favorite spot to move a different player into, has resulted in a .236 batting average, this season.

Unfortunately, Tommy Pham has one week to prove himself. Jay is starting baseball activities. Should come back the first week in September. Tommy has to really light it up, before Jay comes back. Matheny’s rules. Veterans play. No matter what. Pham is the Cardinals leadoff hitter. Not Marp.

Matheny told Jim Bowden yesterday, that Heyward and Piscotty will be playing some centerfield in September, when Holliday comes back. Pham is not even on his radar. That is not a good sign. Tommy Pham moved into the #2 spot three games ago. The Cards have scored have scored 24 runs over that time frame. When was the last time the Cards have scored 24 runs in 3 games? The answer would be, never. Not this year.

I know small sample size. Shut up. The Cards problem for the last 2 years has been run scoring. I will take the small sample size.

The problem is becoming very clear. This year with all the injuries, Matheny is going to have options, with who plays. Unfortunately, Matheny is not an options, type of Manager. Matheny is a Holliday plays, hits 3rd in the lineup, no matter what. Carpenter hits leadoff even with a 0-20 run. Adams hit 4th, even with no power this year. New guys hit 8th. This is what Matheny does.

This will be a disaster for this club. My theory on this current group of Cardinals, is that no one should be an untouchable. Matheny needs to managed this team on a game to game basis. Using matchups and short-term trends, to make his decisions. Flexibility and putting the players in position to achieve, is what this team needs.

That is not what Matheny does.

Matheny told Jim Bowden yesterday that Wainwright was in his office, talking about coming back this year as a starter. Think about that. If Matheny and Mozeliak lets Wainwright come back, he wants to be a starter for the postseason. WTF.

If Matheny stays true to his rules, that could actually happen. It would be a disaster. The one area of this club that has been historically good and Matheny could actual bump someone out of the rotation to make room for Waino. I love Waino in the regular season. In the postseason not so much. Waino has a losing record in the NLCS and WS. This would be a disaster.

These are the things I worry about.

The good news the Pirates lost last night. Thank you. Back to a 4.5 game cushion. The Cubs won. The Cubs are only 2 games behind the PIrates. I think the Cubs will end up with first wild card. This would be a disaster for the Pirates. They need to be at home for the Wild Card game. It is really looking like the Cards will be playing the Cubs in the first round.

Don’t know how I feel about that.

Lackey is up tonight. Let’s get another stress free win.


All about Garcia, Cards win 5-3

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Arizona Diamondbacks - Photos - August 24, 2015 - ESPN

Greg Garcia turning one of four double plays.

Last night game was a perfect example of why Managers and General Managers, should always give extra opportunity to rookies. Greg Garcia was involved in everything, both good and bad. But, it was the good in the 7th inning that determined the outcome of the game.

Garcia had 2 errors in the game. Was involved in helping, to turn 4 double plays, that kept the Dbacks from building a lead. With the game at 2-2 in the 7th inning, Garcia lead off the inning with a single. Bourjos then entered and laid down a sacrifice bunt to move Garcia to second. However, the Dbacks left 3rd base unattended, and Garcia made it to 3rd base, on a sac bunt. Impressive.

That was the game changer. The Cards went on to score 3 runs, Pham and Molina picking up the RBI. But, it was the unexpected play by Garcia that made it all happen. This is why Matheny needs to change his veterans first approach. The rookies can provide the energy to change a clubhouse, or a game.

Matheny stuck with the same lineup that scored 10 runs the night before. Still not a fan. Garcia in the 8th spot. It should be Reynolds. Just saying, don’t make rookies hit in the 8th spot.

If you have not noticed. The Cards bullpen is barely hanging on. Broxton pitched the 7th and loaded the bases. Got out of the inning without giving up a run. I just don’t think Broxton will turn out to be a better option, than Tui or Soco. What I worry about is that Matheny will defer to the veteran and not let Tui and Soco have the opportunity. If Broxton earns it, then ok. But, he has to show a lot more, than he has so far.

Siegrist pitched the 8th. Which brings up the issue, why did Siegrist pitch in the 9th inning in last nights game? When the Cardinals had a 9 run lead. This is why when the national media start talking about Matheny for Manager of the year, I just shake my head.

If Matheny was going to use Siegrist in tonight’s game, there is no way, that he should have pitched in last nights blowout victory. There is just no logic to it. Cishek should have come back out and pitched the 9th, last night. It is once again Matheny choosing to protect a player and once again it is a vocal Christian, white guy . It is a new manager mistake. You naturally give favor, to people who are most like you. Matheny does this a lot. Think Descalso. He needs to stop it. Cishek needs to cover for Siegrist. Not Siegrist, covering for Cishek.

The good news is that the Cards won the first game of the series. The bad news is that the Cubs and the Pirates also won. The only hope for the Cardinals, is that they cool down. Before the Cards have to play them, on the next home stand.

Jaime Garcia pitches tonight. Big game. A win could turn this road trip around.


Wacha, Piscotty, Heyward lead Cardinals past Padres 10-3

Wacha, Piscotty lead Cardinals past Padres 10-3

Piscotty had himself a good day.

via Wacha, Piscotty lead Cardinals past Padres 10-3 – Yahoo Sports.

The Cards salvaged the final game of the series against the Padres. The Padres are the only team in the National League with a winning record against the Cards. Funny how these things play out. A lot to like about this game.

The Cards looked like the best team in baseball, starting in the 1st inning, scoring 4 runs. Tommy Pham walked. Made it to third on throwing error. Note to Matheny. Tommy is your lead-off man. Heyward and Molina single. Piscotty triples, clearing the bases. That was the key hit of the game. That is all the Cards would need. Game over.

Wacha picks up his 15th win of the season. Impressive. Heyward has 3 hits. Raising his season average to .290. That is important. Add some more homers and the Cards might finally have a #3 hitter. Piscotty added 2 late inning home runs. Impressive. Of course, Piscotty performance is all an exercise in academics. There is no way that Matheny is not starting Holliday, as soon as he is back. Matheny code. Veterans play, no matter what.

Mozeliak finally brought Garcia back. Matheny promptly buries him in the 8th spot. Not good. But expected. Hopefully a few games off will get Wong back on track. Wong is key for the post season.

The bad news is that Mozeliak, sent Lyons back down. Big mistake. Kozma needs to go. Choate needs to go. It is way past time. Hopefully, Lyons will continue to work out of the bullpen in AAA. Lyons has to be the second lefty, in the pen, for the postseason. If Choate is still on the roster during the postseason. The Cardinals will not make it to the World Series. It is as simple as that.

The Cards now are off to the Dbacks. They are suddenly playing very well. Winners of 4 in a row and above the .500 mark. The Cards will have to do some hitting, to get a split of the 4 game series.

I would like to see Pham and Garcia at the top of the lineup. Carpenter had 3 more strikeouts on Sunday. Marp now has struck out 10 times in his last 20 at bats. Leaving Marp with a 103 for the season. Marp is not a leadoff hitter. Matheny needs to employ a flexible lineup. It is all about matchups and trends. But, this is a pipe dream. Matheny is many things, flexible is not one of them.

Carpenter could also use some time off. Reynolds is actually having a good August, hitting .265 for the month. The power is not there. But, the average is good enough to cover at 3rd base.

The other goods news from the weekend. Dodgers got swept by the Astros. The bullpen is a disaster. Funny that $300 million and all that brain-power can’t field a team, that can win on the road. This makes me so happy.


Could — or Should — The Cardinals Have Interest in Ben Cherington? – Viva El Birdos

via Could — or Should — The Cardinals Have Interest in Ben Cherington? – Viva El Birdos.

Good read on Cherington. But, there is no way Cherington would consider the Cardinals. There will be 4 or 5 GM jobs up for grabs. He will take one of those.

Cards fan 16 times in loss; Carpenter ejected

Marp gets tossed in the 5th inning.

via Cards fan 16 times in loss; Carpenter ejected : Sports.

Are you having fun yet? Road trip from hell. Everybody is tired and cranky. It’s time to pay the piper. It was bound to happen. The daily grind of playing without an offense. Relying only on pitching. It has all resulted, in the majors best record. However, it is August and this is the time when all those stressful innings, will start to take a toll on performance.

Matheny and Mozeliak decision to wait until September call ups, to add to the bench, certainly was the key decision in last nights game. In the 7th inning with the score 1-0, Cards had runners on 1st and 3rd no outs, Matheny let Martinez hit, for himself.

Matheny did this due to his lack of faith, in Kozma and Bourjos. Martinez struck out. Then Wong struck out. Then Piscotty struck out. That was the ballgame. The Padres scored 7 runs in the bottom of the inning. Martinez was out of gas. The bullpen could not get an out.

Mozeliak has never been able to obtain a bench for his clubs. His decision not to trade or DFA Kozma and send Garcia back to AAA, was the reason the Cards lost night. Remember, Garcia was batting .417 as a PH before being sent down.

The good news from the game. Tommy Pham had 3 hits. Tyler Lyons looked good in relief, once again. Since Mozeliak seems to be in a rut right now, I will help him out. These are the moves that should be made. DFA Kozma and Choate.

Promote Garcia and Tuivailala. Lyons becomes the second lefty, in the bullpen. Villanueva goes back to long man. Tommy Pham moves up to lead-off hitter. Yes, the object is to score runs, not to have Marp get hits. When Adams comes back, Moss goes on the DL.

That will get the team to September. You are welcome.


Cards start the road trip with a loss

#STLCards drop opener to Padres, 9-3. Missouri Lottery Cardinals Live postgame is next.

Cards put up a klunker.

Losing the first game of a 9 game road trip, is never a good omen. The Cards gave away the game in the 5th inning, with a series of unfortunate events. The Padres scored 5 runs. The Cards did come back scoring a couple of runs, to make the score 5-3. Villanueva performing in his new role of innings eater, in meaningless situations, gave up a couple of 2 run homers. Padres win 9-3.

The real issue, is once again, the Cardinal’s offense made Andrew Cashner look like an ace. Cashner has been pitching better in August. However, Cashner was 4-12, with an ERA of 4.20 and a WHIP 1.35. Both Matheny and Mozeliak seem content to maintain the status quo and wait for September callups. Is Rome burning?

Kolten Wong is now hitting .095 for the last 7 days and a .145 for August. Matheny continues to run him out everyday. Matheny once again, showing loyalty to his guys. It worked with Carpenter didn’t it? Of course it does not matter if the offense is dragged down for a 20 game stretch. The important thing is to grind through it and stay loyal.

Like somehow giving a player a couple of days off and moving him lower in the lineup, is a breach of the man code. Of course, Matheny does not have much of an option, since Mozeliak thought it was a good idea, to ship Garcia back down to AAA. Lets keep him fresh.

The good news is that Tommy Pham had 2 hits out of the 8th spot in the lineup. Maybe, this will encourage Matheny to move him up in the lineup. I still think Pham is key.

What is so frustrating about all this, is that the Dodgers and Nationals are falling apart. The Dodgers have no bullpen. The Nationals have no heart. If the Cardinals could only put out an offense, that could score 5 or 6 runs a game. The path to World Series could run through the Cubs and the Mets.

One would have to believe, the Cardinals would be heavily favored in those matchups. If only we can find an offense.

If only.



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